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Our Vision

A Maria Montessori School of Quezon City graduate is a man of PEACE – God-fearing, disciplined, competent, independent, yet socially equipped, sharing global concerns and is proud of his cultural heritage.

Our Mission

To realize our vision, we commit ourselves to provide…

1.    a solid foundation that molds each students to practice the Christian way of life through words, thoughts and deeds;
2.    an education that builds strong character that is faithful to their cultural heritage and respectful of other cultures and traditions; 
3.    a strong academic foundation following the philosophy and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori;
4.    a prepared environment which gives exposure to Montessori materials that unfolds the human potential and innate sense of peace and order;
5.    compassionate knowledgeable, respectful teachers and support staff who share the joy of working with the children;
6.    a warm, secured and caring environment with a deep sense of community based on mutual respect, appreciation of individual differences and open communication;

7.    assistance in understanding and accepting the law of…“reap what you sow”… as a way of life;
8.    learning opportunities to understand that the essence of discipline is respect; 
9.    school facilities that are well maintained.


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