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A learner is not considered officially enrolled unless he/she has paid his/her tuition fees in full or has submitted all academic requirements for admission and has secured an admission card.


New Students (submission to proceed with entrance exam)

  • Photocopy of PSA certified Birth Certificate

  • Original or Certified True Copy of latest F138/ Report card (signed by the Principal)

  • 3 pcs. 1x1 ID Picture (with white background)

  • Good Moral Certificate

  • Recommendation/ Confidential Form (download here)

  • Original copy of F137/ Learner's Permanent Record*

*The F137 is the only document to be submitted once the learner is officially enrolled. A request letter will be sent to the originating school or to the school last attended.

Old students (submit upon enrollment)

  • Original copy of latest F138 or report card

Additional requirements for foreign students

  • Photocopy of Passport reflecting applicants valid stay

  • Translated Copy of Certified School Records


New Students


      Register online through Click “Online registration”, “New Student/ Transferee” and encode the necessary information                then submit.


      2.1 Submit documentary requirements to the admission office*

      2.2 Accomplish the admission form and reservation and refund policy



       3.1 Select date of assessment and interview**

       3.2 Pay the assessment fee.

       3.3 Complete the assessment and attend the interview with the level head (either one of the parents must accompany the child). 

       3.4 Receive examination result and other forms (medical records, data privacy and informed consent)

       3.5 Proceed to the Admin. Office and submit accomplished forms to generate and get the Student ID Number.


      4.1 Choose payment scheme.

      4.2 Pay the reservation fee or down payment. 


      5.1 Claim admission card.

      5.2 Proceed to ID picture taking and issuance of fetcher’s pass or gate pass

      5.3 Purchase the prescribed school uniform and claim paid textbooks and supplies

*Requirements can be submitted via email; however, original copies must be submitted on the day of the assessment. Submit to with subject title: REQUIREMENTS (grade level)_(last name, first name)

Example: REQUIREMENTS Grade 5_Dela Cruz, Juan

**All assessment and interview for admissions are onsite.

Old Students


      1.1 Go to and register online. Click “Forgot Password” and follow reset instruction (click here to see reset instruction)

      1.2 Encode the Student’s ID number and created password.

      1.3 Check and update pertinent information such as address, contact number, email address and guardian details


      2.1 Choose mode of payment and view the details and paying periods

      2.2 Refer and read the reservation and refund policy of the school

      2.3 Make sure to click “Done” to ensure submission of online registration


      Pay onsite or through online payment channels and send the proof of payment to with subject title: (Name of                            Student)_(Grade Level)_(Chosen Mode of Payment).

Example: Juan Dela Cruz_Advanced Casa_Annual


      4.1 Bring your recent report card

      4.2 Accomplish the admission forms: informed consent, data privacy policy, medical records and vaccination


      5.1 Claim admission card.

      5.2 Proceed to ID picture taking and issuance of fetcher’s pass or gate pass

      5.3 1.1 Purchase the prescribed school uniform and claim paid textbooks and supplies



Upon payment of the reservation fee, a student is registered and belongs to a temporary section until such time that the official sectioning is done. Reservation fee is non-refundable but deductible from school fees. The fee applies only to the registered student and is transferable within siblings only. For old students, reservation slips do not vouch for the learner’s slot. Only paid slips are valid and binding. Only those with cleared accountabilities for S.Y. 2023-2024 can do the reservation process. Reservations are valid within the enrollment period for S.Y. 2024-2025 only.

Tuition Fee and Payment Guidelines

When a learner registers in a school, it is understood that he/she is enrolling for the entire school year. Miscellaneous fee must be paid in full and in cash upon enrollment.

New enrollees are required to pay in cash or cashier’s/ manager’s check

Old enrollees with a record of “bounced check payments” will have to pay in cash.

Likewise, checks will not be accepted one (1) week before the schedule of examinations.

Statement of Accounts furnished to parents every billing period serve only as reminders.

Refund of fees

Refund policy only applies for those withdrawing from enrollment during the opening up to the 14th day of classes and are subject to the following conditions:

      - Formal letter must be presented on or before the 14th day, indicating the reason.

      - 10% shall be charged from the total amount of school fees due for the school year regardless of the payment mode chosen and whether the               child has attended classes or not.

      - Miscellaneous fees are considered sold, thus no refund is applicable.

      - Paid fees are non-transferable.

Refund can be acquired after 1 month in a form of a check.

Students who withdraw after the 14th day are not entitled to any refund and will only have their credentials released if the school fees of the remaining year are settled.

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