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MARIA MONTESSORI SCHOOL OF QUEZON CITY professes the following goals and objectives:

  1. To instill lifelong learning to individuals who perform basic functions of society and acquire the essential foundation for his/her development in becoming a productive and well-rounded citizen;

  2. To produce future professionals who are globally competitive, and equipped with the 21st century skills;

  3. To develop future servant leaders who are morally upright, innovative, self-aware, understand the importance of collaborating and communicating with community members, lead by example, and work towards building the nation;

  4. To develop citizens who respect and appreciate diverse cultures and differences with deep sense of nationalism;

  5. To foster stewards who allocate and utilize resources properly, protect the environment, and preserve them for the future;

  6. To promote among the members of the school community the essence of discipline, respect and solidarity by following set of rules and standards, and helping on achieving all the endeavors of the school’s stakeholders;

  7. To recognize the importance of helping the community as engagement in outreach programs, community service and development;

  8. To enhance among learners critical and analytical thinking in solving problems and making decisions in daily basis;

  9. To develop and apply high level of thinking among students to improve the quality of human life, and respond effectively to the changing needs and conditions of the society;

  10. To impart among learners the importance of being socially aware, proactive, and contribute to the development of a progressive, just and humane society.

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